Surf just right for a day on the Bay

Pirates Bay Beach at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula came to life last weekend with perfect weather conditions producing  some great waves for enthusiasts.  Approximately 100 Bodyboarders and Surfers hit the waves ,their  black suited bodies  resembling a massive herd of seals floating around the bay.  They  travelled from  all over  converging  on popular spots such as ‘The Reef’ and ‘Gravel Pits .  Car parks were full and  tourists were intrigued as the strong surfing conditions provided  onlookers with a great afternoons entertainment and some fantastic photographic opportunities.

The Tasman Peninsula is renowned for its surfing spots which are dotted right around the area including the now world famous ‘ Shipsterns Bluff ‘.  See more… Sorell Times & Tasman Gazette

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