All aboard for book launch

THE Sorell Line book launch will take place at Holts Mitre10 Sorell on October 12 at 11 am.

The old railway ran between Sorell and Bellerive from 1892 and 1926 and if you were to look there is still evidence of the old track.

It is well worth spending half a day exploring and a good place to start is at Devenish Drive, a kilometre out of town off the Tasman Highway.

Follow the clear, level grass track for a walk of less than a kilometre.

It takes you past the new Council Chambers and if you were a passenger on the train you would sense you were slowing down and reaching Sorell Station.

Just before the station on the right is the massive Carriage Shed, still standing, but rather neglected and needing care. It’s now located in the grounds of the Men’s Shed.

The station building has been slightly modified but it survived the 1967 bushfires and is easily recognised.

Seeing the platform you may think of the arrivals and departures here: women leaving for a day in the capital or men leaving for the Great War. Two street names here connect with the railway, ‘Station Lane’, of course and ‘Dubs & Co Drive’, which references the manufacturer of the two main locomotives.

Your walk could continue down Pelham Street to Pioneers Park.

There’s a pretty walk at Sorell Creek where you can see the weir that was built to back up water that was pumped up to the station for the engines.

To conclude the visit take the family to Holts Mitre 10 store to see the accurate model of the train and rolling stock running overhead.

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    Is the book still available?

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