Sorell Council celebrates 150 Year Milestone

Although the Sorell area was first settled around 1808, as Pitt Water, it remained an isolated farming community for over 50 years.

There were around 60 farms in the district by 1816 and the site for a town was purchased. When Governor Macquarie visited Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), in 1821, he decided a town called Sorell should be established, named after Lieutenant Governor Sorell.

A plan (map) was drawn up for the town, Sorell School was started, followed by the graveyard off Henry Street, the gaol and St Georges Church .

In these early times there were very few public facilities and no roads, bridges, public lighting, halls, parks, sporting facilities or rubbish collection. People walked or rode horses. A council was needed to help build and organise these facilities and services.

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