Irrigation Scheme moves forward

The proposed South East Irrigation Scheme is expected to move to water sales within a few months.

The project’s business-case is being considered by government and, if approved, Tasmanian Irrigation (TI) will move on to water-entitlement sales to landholders. TI’s SEIS Project Manager Peter Rand said that that the project has been modified since beginning due to feedback received, and to give the project the best chance of success. Detailed in the business case, the $38 million SEIS will deliver 5,000 ML a year to the Coal Valley, Brighton/Tea Tree and Sorell/Orielton regions. Water will then be delivered over a 180-day summer delivery season from October to March. This will have the capacity to be increased by an additional 2,000 ML of winter capability when future demand warrants the expansion.

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