Enduro rider in a class of his own

TWELVE year old Jack Skeggs knows how to punch above his weight.

The Enduro motorcycle rider is stunning those who know the motorbike sport with his success, both in Tasmania and nationally.

Jack, who lives on his parent’s farm at White Beach, has been riding since he was three years old and took up the sport five years ago.

Unlike most sports where an athlete’s age determines the category to compete in, in Enduro it’s the size of the bike, not the size or age of the competitor, meaning smaller or younger competitors can be at a distinct disadvantage.

But that hasn’t discouraged Jack who is in grade six at Tasman District School and rides a YZ 85 Yamaha.

Enduro racing involves dirt bikes riding over challenging long-distance bush terrain, dodging and negotiating rocks, logs and other obstacles to do as many laps as possible in two hours.

Jack has won or placed highly in every event in the south, north and more recently at the Australian Off Road Championships held in Victoria.

Proud mum Adele says Jack is consistent and persistent.

Jack has set his sights on representing Australia at the world championships.

“I really like the technical stuff of Enduro,’’ Jack said.

“My hero is Toby Price from Queensland and I’ve met him.

“I would love to race in the GNCC (Grand National Cross Country) in the US, that is the pinnacle of championships.’’

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