Eaglehawk Neck Action Group to get things on the move

The groundwork is being laid to form a new community-based action group to progress issues of importance to people in the Eaglehawk Neck locality and surrounding area. The stated mission of the group will be ‘To enhance and promote Eaglehawk Neck as a place to visit and live.’

Local residents, ‘shack’ owners and businesses based or involved in the township are invited to a public meeting at the Eaglehawk Neck Hall at 4pm on Saturday 19th January to discuss the proposed group’s activities, ask questions and provide direct input on issues that should be on the group’s ‘to-do’ list.

Everyone is welcome to become involved, either directly as an active group member, or as a supporter.

Tasman councillors and other representatives of relevant local and state government bodies have also been invited to attend.

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