Church sale dashes community hopes

COMMUNITY hopes have been dashed with the sale of Dunalley’s St Martin’s Anglican Church.

The sandstone church was sold to an interstate couple in December for $161,000 and the new owners plan to convert the church into a home.

St Martin’s Church was the only public building in Dunalley to survive the 2013 bushfires and local group, the Dunalley Heritage Fellowship, tried to purchase it so it stayed in community hands.

Despite offers, the Anglican Church said they want more money and the property was put on the open market and purchased quickly.

Built by the local community in 1918 and consecrated in 1934, the church was considered a symbol of the community’s resilience.

Anglican Churches across the State are being sold to fund the churches response to the National Redress Scheme which was established following the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

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  1. Sandra Neuman says:

    I dont see how the church thought it was their property. The church was built by locals over a century ago and I’m sure the local community would have had to supply the materials to build it. The church is only suppose to be “donating” 20% of the sale to the victims so I presume the rest goes into their coffers. Disgraceful behavior by the church.

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