Age No Barrier in ‘Paying it Forward’

A chance meeting between teacher and global citizen, Faezeh Parkes a visitor to Tasmania and Mr Lindsay White of Redbanks Activities Centre at Nugent, just outside of Sorell recently resulted in an event which would see the elderly pit their wits and strength against the young. The event ‘Senile Delinquents vs the Rambunctious Youths’ came about upon Ms. Parkes hearing the work Mr. White had done at his Centre for single parents with children, she decided to ‘pay it forward’ to help inspire other single parents – something dear to her heart being a single parent herself.

Read more…Tasman Gazette & Sorell Times.

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  1. Faezeh Parkes says:

    How can I possibly get a link to this article or download it in its entirety. Thankyou

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